Eggnog is one of those holiday traditions that is either hated or cherished. Some rail at the foamy, milky substance as if it were an abomination; others laud this elixir to the skies. However you may feel about eggnog, there is no denying that millions of people sample it and enjoy it yearly around the holidays. It brings back fond memories of Christmas by the firelight, of real Christmas trees decorated with popcorn, and of Grandma producing the most filling of meals upon the grandest of all holidays.

Two glasses of eggnog

At "InDepthInfo on Eggnog" you will find:

A very brief history of Eggnog. Where it comes from and who has indulged in its richness over the centuries.

A safety note regarding the use of raw eggs and a brief procedure to ward off possibilities of food poisoning.

A bunch of recipes on how to make eggnog.
- Rich Eggnog
- Basic Versatile Eggnog
- Orange Non-alcoholic Eggnog Float
- Basic Non-alcoholic Eggnog
- Eggless Eggnog
- Luxurious Eggnog
- French-nog Toast
- Experiment With Eggnog

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Interesting Fact:

Although eggnog is mostly consumed during the holiday season, it is a popular drink year round.

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