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How to Frame an Interior Wall

How to Frame an Interior Wall

So you want to put a wall in your basement for a bedroom for one of the kids. Or perhaps you want to set aside some of the garage for a workshop. To do this, you need to build a wall. Putting up a partition is not too difficult a process, really. It mainly requires some 2X4's, some 10D nails, the usual complement of tools and enough energy to prevent yourself from laying down and taking a nap after dinner every night for a week.

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Like any job, putting up a wall requires a certain amount of preparation.

Understanding the anatomy of an interior wall frame is key to putting it together correctly.

Assembly is really the easy part in the wake of good planning and preparation.

Putting the wall in place and securing it to the framing around it is the final step to framing a wall.

A reader asked: Can I leave the carpet under a frame I am installing?

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