Gadgets: How Things Work!

In order for society to advance technologically, people must have at least a general understanding of how gadgets work. The technology behind the gadgets that make our lives easier and more fun is not as complex as many would think. Much of it is based on simple ideas put to a practical use. Below is a list of gadgets we have investigated in detail:

Vacuum Cleaners are an item that has saved time and money and made living cleaner and healthier lives more commonplace.

Refrigerators cool food, but how? Most people don't know what principle lies behind this simple, but oh-so-handy invention.

Street Sweeping Machines have been around for over a hundred years, keeping streets and roadways clean.

Camcorders record motion without film. It is a mystery to most of the people who use this device every day.

Smoke Detectors do more than make loud, screeching noises. They save lives. But how do they know there is smoke in a room?

Metal Detectors may help you find ancient burried treasure, but they are based on a technology that is much more recent.

Light Bulbs are deceptively simple. Invented by Thomas Edison, they have been providing illumination for more than 100 years.

Microphones help us to be heard even when we speak softly. The work on the principle that opposites attract and like repels.

Faucets easily control the flow of water, keeping forces that sometimes exceed 100 pounds per square inch in check.

How Clocks Work contains a brief history of time-keeping and describes how several types of clocks work, including sundials, mechanical clocks, and atomic clocks.

While with telescopes we view the very far away (using light, or even radio waves), with microscopes we are able to view the very near and very small.

Projectors still use old ideas in the new technology. Light is simply passed through color images, it is how the images are made that is amazing.

Equalizers are a way of controlling frequency in a sound system.

Windmills can be used to make clean electricity. At one time their main function was to make grain into flour.


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