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Gulf War

The Gulf War was perhaps the most efficient war in American History, at least when considering the cost in American lives. It proved that U.S. technology and U.S. military doctrine is a potent force when applied to the world stage. Years after the war's end there are disagreements about whether the U.S. was justified in waging war against Iraq and over whether the war was prosecuted far enough. Beyond answering these questions, this site is dedicated to recounting a brief history of the war.

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A brief history of Iraq and some of the factors that lead Iraq to launch an attack on their neighbor to the south.

A description of conditions in Kuwait as well as Iraqi troop movements to complete a conquest of the small but wealthy emirate.

Saudi Arabian fears of Iraq seemed justified by Saddam's belligerent posturing. There were several reasons the Saudi's decided to invite US intervention.

US Interests in the region played a dominant role in the decision to accept the Saudi Invitation to oppose Iraqi aggression.

It took some time for the allies to build up sufficient force to oppose Iraq. Coalition forces were especially wary of the elite Republican Guard which had seen plenty of action during the Iran/Iraq war.

The air war was a devastating blow to the Iraqi military structure and was a decisive factor in the outcome of the conflict.

The ground war proved quick and decisive. Four days of fighting was more than the Iraqis could stand.

The war left many questions unanswered. Much happened in the aftermath to make pundits believe the war should have been prosecuted further - then again...

Contextual Map of the Region
Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait
Allies Expel the Iraqis

We have produced a more general history of Iraq that moves from the ancient roots of the country in the Fertile Crescent through the late Iraq War. The Iraq War itself is often viewed as the end of a two-part struggle (rather the way the two world wars are viewed).

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