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How to Win at Monopoly

How to Win at Monopoly

No wonder Monopoly is the most popular proprietary board game in the world. It combines fast paced action with intense business dealing. Players vigorously compete to buy property, and build houses and hotels on vacant lots. Every game is different and involves intense wheeling and dealing among the players.

It is not required to already have some knowledge of Monopoly to read this through this site. However, it is useful to have played the game at least once or twice. Yes, we do cover all the rules, but mostly in the context of how they effect game play and how you can use those rules to your advantage to win the game against other keen players.

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The object of Monopoly is quite simple, but it is easy to get side tracked during the game.

Landing on property early in the game poses a few dilemmas, but not too many.

Paying rent is an inevitable cost of doing business, but how to provide for the cost of it is another question.

Chance and Community Chest can very much affect the flow of the game. You can't avoid them, but it helps to know what properties benefit from them.

Go, Jail and Income Tax all are fundamental occurrences in the game. Do you stay in jail for three turns if sent there? It depends.

Property Improvements: generally the rule is build, build, build, but not always!

Wheeling and Dealing: how much should you give in order to create a monopoly?

Debt and Bankruptcy: Bankruptcy is bad, but the mortgage banker can be your friend.

A venerable game like Monopoly is bound to have acquired some variations over the years.

Once you think you know what you are doing it might be fun to know a bit about the history of Monopoly.

A few conclusions summarize the thoughts and ideas behind this website.

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