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Oregano: a Mint!

Oregano is an herb that is a member of the mint family. It is closely related to marjoram, even though the flavors differ widely. The common variety of oregano bears the scientific (latin) name of Organum vulgare. Although it is a common ingredient in foods around the world, more is used in perfumes than is consumed. At the Oregano! website we will teach you all about oregano.

The history and origin of oregano is an interesting story. The roots of this herb, spice or mint (whatever you may call it) lie deep in the Mediterranean basin.

Oregano is a fast growing plant that is easy to grow, harvest and preserve. We will take you step by step through this process.

The health benefits of oregano are thought to be many. Essential oregano oil is especially prized.

Perhaps the best thing about oregano is the flavor it gives to various dishes. Cooking with oregano, you create magnificent sauces and soups. However, be careful, like many spices, too much of a good thing, might not be all that good!

We have also gathered a few oregano recipes:

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