Organic Supplements

Organic supplements are concentrated doses of natural dietary substances that are needed by the body. Although good nutrition begins with the food pyramid, the reason to take supplements is to ensure that the body gets sufficient amounts of necessary nutrients, minerals, or antioxidants. This can be especially difficult for people on the go, or in circumstances where it is impossible to maintain a healthy diet.

Like food, supplements that claim to be organic must use ingredients that adhere to USDA guidelines for organic farming. This means that the production process cannot include using synthetic chemicals or fertilizers to kill insects or weeds, or to promote growth. All fazes of the production process must be done through natural means such as crop rotation or using compost. Any sprays or additions to the soil must come from naturally occurring plants or animals. (For example garlic sprays ward off insects, and fish meal promotes growth.)

There are good reasons to prefer organically produced supplements. Organic processes ensure that there will be minimal amounts of harmful chemicals in the finished product. This is important because some products may concentrate or retain chemicals used in production. Normally, these chemicals will be at levels that have been determined by the USDA to be safe for human consumption. Nevertheless, the end user may wish to avoid chemicals altogether. Another reason to prefer organically produced supplements is that producers often have higher quality control standards in the manufacturing process as well as higher quality ingredients.

A consideration when shopping for organic supplements is that organic ingredients cost more, so supplements made with organic ingredients are likely to have a higher price tag than a similar product that is not organic.

With some supplements, such as fish oil, organic handling of the product may not be enough. Predator fish tend to get a build-up of mercury in their system. Most fish oil is made from these types of fish. However, there are processes for removing mercury poisons. Again, these cost the manufacturer more, so they will also end up costing the consumer.

Ultimately, organic supplements are a good choice in enhancing a healthy lifestyle, or at least making it as healthy as possible in the midst of a hectic life.

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