Parsley may be the world's most popular herb. It can be found in recipes from almost any corner of the globe. This may be because of the plant's remarkable ability to complement the tastes and aromas of many different spices. It is also thought that a bite of raw parsley can cleanse the breath as and the palate. This accounts for why it is so popular as a garnish.

Parsley Plant

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Parsley history shows that from its ancient roots in the Mediterranean region to modern herbal remedies, parsley has proved a useful plant.

Growing parsley is fairly easy in the most climates, but the plant does like well-drained soil.

The health benefits of parsley are many. It has been used as a medicine for centuries. But it does have drawbacks for those who have a calcium deficiency.

Although it is frequently seen as a garnish cooking with parsley is common as well. We have several recipes that showcase the qualities of this ubiquitous herb.

Tabouli Recipe
Parsley Soup
Parsleyed Chicken and Dumplings
Parsley Potato Salad
Parsley Sauce

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