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The Potato is one of the staple foods of modern Western Civilization. It can be classified as both a starch and a vegetable. From its roots in the Andes Mountains to its domination of the farms of Idaho, the potato has been both a sustaining force and a culinary delight. The potato continues to grow in popularity, especially on the Asian continent. At the Potato! site you will not only learn the history of the potato, but how to grow it and how to prepare it.

History - a brief history of the potato. The people of Europe were originally quite resistant to adopting the potato as a staple of their diets. Find out why.

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Cultivation - Find out how to grow your own potatoes in the garden. It is quite easy to do and a rewarding experience digging for the golden tubers.

Potato Varieties - There are over 4000 varieties of potato. However, most people think of potatoes as being either for baking or boiling, white or red.

Safety - Potatoes do have a dark side. Stay away from anything green on a potato. Cut off any black spots, and wash thoroughly. However, peeling gives up many of the nutrients.

Recipes - The best thing about potatoes is they are edible and versatile. So versatile that there are literally hundreds of ways to prepare them. We have a few recipes that you might find interesting and delicious.

- Potage Parmentier
- Potato Cheese Soup
- Oven Fried Potatoes
- Potatoes O'Diana
- Bacon Wrapped Potatoes
- Potato Salad
- Plain Old Potato Soup

Potato Wine - Yes, indeed, wine can be made from potatoes and though not as strong as Vodka, can be used in much the same way.

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Potato Wine | Potato Varieties

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