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Rice is one of the most popular grains in the world. It is consumed as a staple by nearly every culture except those on the fringes of the planet. Rice is a semi-aquatic plant that requires constant moist conditions for survival. Thus rice can only be grown in certain regions. Yet it is relatively easy to grow and has great storing qualities.

Rice is mainly a starch, and as such it is used to complement a wide variety of foods in a seemingly infinite number of recipes. To find out more about rice, consult our table of contents below:

Many products may also be made from rice, including rice wine, vinegar, cakes, and flour. In the United States puffed rice is made into a popular cereal known as Rice Krispies. Few children or even adults have not been exposed to rice krispie candy, a kind of puffed rice and marshmallow mixture. Rice has proven itself over time to vital to the advancement of human history and the feeding of humankind.

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