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Telescopes help us to see far distances. The first telescope was invented in the early 1600s in the dawn of the Scientific Revolution. Before then people had to rely on the naked eye. Much reliance was placed on people with sharp eyes. When telescopes came about they were quickly adopted by mariners and travelers and members of the military. They soon were put to scientific use. Galileo Galilei was the first to use telescopes for the study of of the stars and planets.

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Refracting Telescopes use lenses in order to form an image and magnify it.

Reflecting Telescopes use mirrors to form an image. However, it is still magnified by a lense.

Radio Telescopes are used primarilly for scientific and military applications.

How to Choose a Telescope? Find out what type of telescope would be best for your purposes.

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Interesting Fact:

Before the invention of telescopes ancient astronomers relied on the naked eye to take their observations. In spite of this their records were surprisingly accurate.

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