Versatile Vinegar

Vinegar was discovered as long as five thousand years ago. It was used as a food preservative. It is easy to imagine that people kept a fermented beverage around too long. Some vinegar yeast was carried into a ceramic jar by a light wind, with a bit of time vinegar was the result.

One of the most versatile and beneficial liquids known to man, vinegar has a plethora of uses. Recently vinegar has gained renown as a health and beauty aid. In this capacity it is thought to be able to help control acne, deal with dandruff and head-lice, and even relieve heartburn. Its many benefits are still being explored.

Vinegar is familiar as a cleaning solvent. It is especially effective on soap scum and hard water spots. Used in a spray bottle, it can attack pet stains, appliances, and counter tops (although it will scratch marble). Ice cubes of it - placed in a garbage disposal - will clean the blades. Mixed with baking soda it effectively gets rid of odors in foul drains.

Vinegar has many uses in foods. Besides being a basic ingredient in catsup and mustard, mixed with oil it makes a great salad dressing. It can be added as a flavoring to soups. A tablespoon added to the water for hardboiled eggs prevents their cracking. It is often used as part of a marinate for meats before cooking.

There are many types of vinegar. Most cooking vinegar is made from white wine grapes. Balsamic vinegar is white wine that has undergone an acetic fermentation and has been aged in different types of wood barrels. Apple cider vinegar is used in both cooking and cleaning. Flavored vinegars are made for dressings and marinates.

In fact, vinegar can be made from nearly any vegetable substance containing sugars. Learning how to make vinegar is very simple. Using simple wine-making tools such as an airlock and a carboy fruit juice is put through two fermentation processes. First it is fermented to make alcohol, using the airlock to keep out the oxygen. Then the airlock is removed and another yeast introduced. The result is vinegar.

Vinegar is indeed a versatile substance. Most homes have some in the back of a kitchen cabinet or in the door of a refrigerator. It has many amazing uses that make it a great replacement for detergents or other substances harmful to the environment. In this way it can be a great aid to those who wish to live an organic lifestyle.

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