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Welcome to InDepthInfo

InDepthInfo is dedicated to producing comprehensive, organized information on a variety of subjects in the form of web folios and informative individual articles. The site's organization is a flow that moves across disciplines. It allows for in-depth analysis through deep drilling and tangential referencing. The folios are professionally written. InDepthInfo does its best to ensure their veracity. If an error is spotted, contact us, and we will quickly look into the problem and correct it. Visit the InDepthInfo page on FaceBook and like us!

Current areas of study include:

History is the study of the development of everything. For this reason it most often crosses disciplinary lines (in more ways than one). It can roam from ancient battles such as Salamis to more current events, the war in Iraq or Hugo Chavez. It can even be aplied to time itself as in the Months of the Year. You will find that most of our information folios contain an historical reference or are about history.

Science and Technology develop and use modern discoveries to make the world a better, more efficient place to live. An understanding of the principles that undergird the gadgets we use everyday will form an underpinning for advancing technology into the future. A society that understands how things work, keeps them working.

Food is the spice of life. Many aspects of cooking are quite simply explained and executed. From the spices and herbs commonly used in cooking, all the way up to recipes and whole menus, we help you eat healthy and like it!

Board and strategy games are not only fun, but exercise the mind. We explore the rules and strategies of many games including the classics: Monopoly, Risk, Chess, Checkers and Bananagrams.

Gardening is satisfying because it is productive. We have gathered information that addresses sowing, growing, and harvesting of plants in the garden. We even go to the length of giving the gardener ideas on how to preserve garden gains.

Some of our more popular folios and sites;

Diamonds in Jewelry and Industry is an exploration of how diamonds are important not just to our vanity, but to our daily lives. Find out how to identify fakes, and how to pick out the best diamond for an engagement ring.

The Communist Manifesto, for better or for worse, is one of the most important documents in world history. We have an analysis, coupled with a biography of both Marx and Engels.

Our Potato website is a fun place where you can learn all about potato history, cultivation, recipes and even how to make potato wine.

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