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About is partly an answer to the Wikimedia craze that has taken over the web. Unfortunately, the Wiki model does not make people accountable for the information they present. This means that false, slanderous and misleading information is often posted on wikis. On the InDepthInfo system of folios, you will find that all the information is copyrighted. If there is an error in the work, you can contact us, and we can fix it.

We work hard to make available comprehensive information on a variety of subjects. We organize knowledge in a series of folios. Articles, bits and pieces, including images and diagrams, are put together in a folder generally with an index page to help guide the reader. Thus in-depth coverage can be provided on a particular subject. We also try to provide links to subjects that are connected, sometimes tangentially. All of the articles are original content and most were written or at least heavilly edited by W.J. Rayment, our executive editor.

To give an example of how we see information fitting together, take the term "Band of Brothers". It has had deep meaning for many different generations of Americans as well as English speakers everywhere. Our folio on the Band of Brothers reveals the wide array of people and works that connect to the "Band of Brothers" idea. On the index page of this web folio there is a general article on the subject, with many links to bring the reader even more in-depth coverage.

Shorter articles and book reviews have the same overarching theme. Our article on Blaise Pascal, for example, reveals the depth and variety of the man's thinking as well as his incredible influence on subsequent generations. is kind of a free-flow association of facts and analyses stuffed into folders. Understanding how it all connects makes our lives better, technologically, physically, and even spiritually. In your quest for knowledge to learn about telescopes or something as mundane as wiring a switch. Think about how everything you learn fits together. Notice that when you start thinking about something, it seems to pop up everywhere. When this happens, you will have an inkling of what this project is all about.

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