Backgammon Bibliography

There are many fine books that will make you a better backgammon player. Perhaps the best book out there on backgammon is Paul Magriel's classic, Backgammon. Magriel was a mathemetician. His clear analysis and cogent explanations make this a great referenece for anyone wishing to become proficient in backgammon.

Backgammon for Winners is Bill Robertie's contribution to backgammon theory. Robertie won the world championship twice, and for good reason. He is an exceptional and agressive player. He lays out his tenets in this inexpensive, but useful book on how to win at the age old game.

Bill Robertie also has a book on backgammon problems to help you to sharpen your play. Naturally it covers both maneuvers and use of the doubling cube. 501 Essential Backgammon Problems will be a help to beginners as well as experienced players.

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Interesting Fact:

Many mathematicians have ties to boardgames and puzzles. Paul Magriel wrote an classic book on backgammon.

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