Cooking with Celery

Not only does celery taste great, it contains lots of vitamins and nutrients. Unlike other vegetables, celery does not lose most of its nutritional value when cooked. That makes it all the more valuable and appetizing.

Celery can be used in many different ways. It is found fresh as a stick on vegetable trays, used for dipping, and as a crunchy appetizer. Then 4-inch pieces of stalk can be spread with peanut butter, cheese or some other spread and served on a small platter at dinner.

In salads, small pieces of celery makes for a crunchy addition of both flavor and texture. Diced celery is also common in many cold slaw style salads. It makes an interesting contrast with apples and nuts. It can even be profitably used in Jello salads.

Celery, in chunks, or diced, makes a significant contribution to soups and stews. In this capacity the leaves also lend flavor and texture. Dried celery leaves can be sprinkled into soups and even into tuna or chicken salad sandwiches.

Celery seeds (where most of the essential oils of celery reside) make an interesting spice that can be added to pickle recipes, soups and other dishes.

We have put together a couple of recipes to help you get started:

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