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Health Benfits of Curry

While curry might be great for tantalizing your taste buds, did you know that there are also many health benefits to this zesty mix of spices?

While curry, or curry powder is actually a mixture of any number of spices, one main spice in most curry powders is turmeric. This is the spice that gives curry itís yellow color and is also responsible, at least in part, for some of the health benefits of curried dishes.

Among the health benefits of curry is that of reducing inflammation of the joints. In fact, recent research shows that turmeric helped to prevent the swelling of joints in rats that had arthritis. And itís not only arthritis that it may be helpful for. Other studies suggest that this powerful spice may also help protect us against cancer, heart disease and even Alzheimerís disease.

But these health benefits are no surprise to those trained in Ayurvedic medicine where turmeric has been used for treating inflammatory disease for centuries.

Even one of the worlds most renowned cancer centers, MD Anderson Center in Texas, thinks that curry may help protect us against cancer. Here, animal studies have shown that curcumin, another common ingredient in curry, seems to turn off genes that can trigger the onset and spread of breast cancer. In a human study, curcumin shows some promise, in a handful of patients, in stabilizing pancreatic cancer.

There have been several studies done in the relation of curry and the prevention of Alzheimers. One test tube study showed that curcumin may help clear the brain of protein deposits thought to cause Alzheimerís. Another study of older men in Singapore found that those who ate a lot of curry performed better in memory tests.

While more wide range clinical trails need to be done in order to prove any of the health benefits of curry, thatís no excuse not to eat a tasty dish of it a couple of times a week. Although you may need to acquire a taste for it, once you do you may find yourself reaching for the curry powder more and more often!

Since curry is a combination of many spices, there are dozens of health benefits that might be had by eating this tasty dish. Each spice has itís own benefits and combining them can make for a powerful health boost as well as a tasty meal.

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