Dart Mat

Although not absolutely essential, a dart mat is a good idea for dart fans. A bare wood floor in front of a dart board is going to get holes in it. Carpeted floors get tracked on and cement floors create problems for the dart tips when a wild shot rebounds onto the deck.

Another advantage of a dart mat is that the toe line is generally premeasured on the mat. This way a piece of tape or paint does not have to be affixed to the floor to keep darts games within regulation distances. When not in use the dart mat can be rolled up and put in a closet. Having a dart mat out during play clearly delineates the area in which darts will be flying and can help prevent random people from walking into areas of dangerous play.

Dart mats are usually made from thick, durable rubber or vinyl and are about two feet wide. They will not catch every bouncing dart, but they will catch most. In lieux of a dart mat, you could line up a series of doormats. However, be prepared to skip over tripping hazzards all the way to the dart board.

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Interesting Fact:

When a player achieves a single, double, and a triple of the same number, it is called a "Shanghai".

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