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How to Select Good Brushes for House Painting

So how do you tell a good paintbrush when you are at the hardware store and about to embark on some important home improvement project?

1. Take the handle in your hand. The shape and weight should be comfortable. The metal piece that connects the wooden handle with the bristles should be firm and not wobbly. If the handle is made of wood, it should be covered with a rubberized coating.

2. After pressing the bristles against the palm of your hand, check to be sure that it does not separate into clumps. When you lift the brush from your palm, it should spring back directly.

3. The bristles should be smooth and straight and should have split ends. Spread the bristles from front to back to see the plug (the thing that holds the bristle against the metal clamp. The plug should be half the thickness of the brush.

4. Finally, slap the brush against your hand a few times to knock out any loose bristles that may have been left behind in the manufacturing process. Now give the bristles a few light tugs. No bristles should come loose.

Visit the House Painting How To Manual.

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