How to Strip Wax from Floors

Because little dirt particles and dust inevitably get into your floor wax, over time, the floor will begin to yellow and look dirty even though a fresh layer of wax seems to make it shine. To return a waxed floor to something near its original condition, you will need to strip the floor.

Stripping a floor is best done with a wax stripper. This is not commonly found in grocery stores. A janitorial supply store is your best bet. Wax manufacturers often also make a floor stripping solution that is specifically formulated to remove the wax they make. Look, for this stripping solution first. Be sure to test a spot on the floor (in an out of the way place) before stripping. Some floors will not stand up to floor strippers.

The tools you will need for this task include: rubber gloves, mop, toothbrush, squeegee, scrub pads, putty knife, rags, dust pan, and multiple buckets (one for fresh water, one for the stripper, and one for the wiped up stripped wax).

Begin the task by first removing all furniture and obstructions. Sweep or vacuum thoroughly to remove any debris and dust. Do not plan on applying the stripper to the whole floor at once. You will want to work your way from a corner to your exit in sections of two by four feet.

Working two sections at a time, put stripper (diluted as per instructions) on first 2X4 foot section. While letting it soak in, cover your next section with stripper as well. (While you are working on the first section, the second section will have a chance to allow the stripper to work its magic.) Do not lay on the stripper too thick. Keep it from flowing into the cracks between tiles.

Using your multiple cleaning tools, toothbrush, scrubbing pads, and putty knife, remove old wax and stripper. You will use your squeegee and dust pan to pick up most of it and dump it into the waste bucket.

Mop up each section with fresh water as you go. This is easily done with a sponge and water from the fresh water bucket. Do not slop the water, wring out the sponge after each rinse.

Allow the floor to dry before applying a coat of wax. Wax actually helps to protect the floor, so do not traffic the floor until it has been recoated.


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