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Installing Your New Faucet

Actually installing the new faucet is perhaps the easiest part of the whole process. Now that you have gathered your tools, bought your parts, removed the old faucet, and replaced any leaky valves, remove the washers and slip your new faucet into the holes at the top of your basin or cabinet, making sure that the gasket is seated directly below the fixture, but on top of the basin.

solder valve
To secure the faucet to the basin, screw the washers back into place and tighten them "hand tight". They have finger holds on them to facilitate this process. Make sure that the faucet is secure and if "hand tight" isn't quite good enough allow a minor assist from your basin wrench.

If you have replaced valves or hoses, now is the time to connect the hoses to the valve. Use a wrench to firmly tighten the nuts. Water at this point will be under pressure, so the connection must be firm and secure. However, do not "over-tighten", you don't want to break the valve off the line. Now, for the coup de gras, connect the hoses to the faucet. It is generally recommended that the hot water be attached on the left side and that the cold water be attached on the right. If you do this backwards, guests and visitors could inadvertently scald themselves by turning the wrong knobs.

Here again, your basin wrench will come in handy. Flop the head to the side so that you can turn the nut clockwise. Tighten sufficiently to get a firm seal. Now, slip the drain knob through the opening at the top of the faucet. Slide the bridging bar over the drain lever at the same time you slip in onto the rod hanging from the knob. Secure the bar to the rod with the securing bolt. Now squeeze the clip and push it onto the bar behind the bridging bar.

Now turn on your water supply and check thoroughly for leaks. Since most of your fittings will be screwed on, leaks can usually be corrected with just a bit of tightening. You will want to have your basin wrench and crescent wrench handy, just in case.

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