Resveratrol and Anti-Aging

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How effective is resveratrol as an anti-aging supplement? Truthfully, no one is quite sure. Too little time has passed for trials to be done on human beings. Such trials will require decades, if not centuries for the full data to come in. Most of what we know about resveratrol comes from studies with yeast, mice, and rats.


What we do know of these experiments is that high doses of resveratrol extended the lives of laboratory animals by 50%. Much of rat and human DNA (as distasteful as this may be) are very similar. It is not out of the question to believe that resveratrol has the same life-extending effects on humans, especially taking into account the "French Paradox".

The French Paradox is the fact that people in France, although they eat foods with a higher fat content than in most other countries, lead longer lives and are generally slimmer. There are many theories as to why this is the case, some believe it is because they eat smaller portions. But the prevailing theory has to do with their moderate consumption of red wine, which contains quantities of resveratrol, curbs appetite, and gives higher energy levels.

Biologically, resveratrol's life extending properties stem from the fact that the substance activates the Sert 1 gene in animal DNA that helps protect the cell from environmental attacks. It also helps to stimulate mitochondria that burn energy in the cell. Additionally, the substance works as an effective antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Consuming resveratrol in foods, especially dark berries, is probably the most efficacious way to get resveratrol. Intravenously, through patches, and possibly absorption in the mouth will also work. The effectiveness of resveratrol in gel-caps is currently being debated and may depend on the way they are processed. But studies show that almost any type of resveratrol has benefits. On a positive note, the side-effects of resveratrol consumption except in massive doses seem to be few.

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